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First Post

First post on this blog. Not sure exactly where I am going with it, but the intention is to use it to post essays and ideas I have regarding gaming, science, maybe politics sometimes. Probably a better way of handling things than my historical techniques.

I intend to put in some important links in a menu somewhere, once I have the hang of WordPress. For the time being however, it’s probably worth mentioning my other websites (all on the domain).

Linxsoft Mountainbike – Mountainbiking videos filmed and edited by me. I’ve got a lot of source videos that need editing and uploading to here – rather behind.

Linxsoft Games – Games that I made as a child, then fixed up and published on the Internet in my mid-late teens. May one day host some new work.

Linxsoft Synergy – Resource site for the Half Life 2 mod Synergy – including some of my own work.

Linxsoft Neocron – I used to play the MMORPGFPS Neocron. I made some videos while doing that. Here is where they live.

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